How to know if Your Partner Truly love you

Being in a relationship and you don’t know if your partner truly loves you is something to be worried about, Knowing the status is very important so that you don’t act like a fool in that relationship.

   Some will claim that they love you but they will still pass by the corner to go and cheat on you, this is why you should actually read this post that shows the secrets of how you can actually know a woman who truly loves you, the one who can go to any length to prove how much they love you but not the one who keep pretending and taking your hard earned money away all in the name of they love you, you need to eb very careful of this type of people because the can easily betray you at any time.

  Relationship is not a thing of force and I strongly believe tha twhat a partner is no longer interested in the relationship they should just leave instead of causing pain and issues in the relationship, not all partners that are meant to be and this is why there are choices, in fact when a relationship seem not to be working out, let the two parties separate and fing another rpartner , perhaprs they are not meant to be, when one dor closes then another one open, this might be the very best opportunity for you to leave that abusive and unbearable relationship and look for someone tha t will make you happy as relationship is all about happiness and not sorry  and all forms of infidelity

In this article I am revealing some thing you should put into consideration to know if your partner love you or not or they are just using you to satisfy their selfish interest


1 KEEPING SECRETES FROM YOU – I want to believe relationship I tied un to trust and not secrete then why will one keep secrete from the other in a relationship which they claimed to love each other dearly. When one begin to keep secretes which are meant to be share between partner then it is something to be worried about and you have to watch uou for this signs and take note of it.

2. NOT SHOWING CARE OR CONCERN – One thing that truly spice up relationship is care and concern but when this become absent in any given relationship then the relationship become stale, there are numerous ways to show care and concern toward that person that oyu claimed to love or the one who clsimed to love you dearly, some of this ways are calling and texting, visiting and spending time together or buying gifts and presents

3 KEEPING LATE NIGHT – I have a woman or a man who love keeping late night, when a woman or a man claim they love each other then this act should be totally avoided for the best interest of the partners involved in this relationship, when your partner begin to keep late night then this is very alarming but if they can justify their reasons of keeping late then this might just be the usual activities

4. NO RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER – When you love someone you should be able to respect that person’s idea, will  and personality. It is only because of the love that you have for your partner that will make you to respect them very well, when your partner disregards you and don’t show any level of respect for you then he or she might not love you that much as they have claimed to.

Note that not all this signs means the person doesn’t love you, you should be able to do your own findings and observations to be clear

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