Each Time I Sleep In The Night, I See Dark Shadow Covering Me. Please What Does It Mean?

There are lot of things that happen to people in life and this are sometimes spiritual and some people don’t believe in spiritual things so they easily knock it off.

i am one of those people that don’t believe is demons and evils around the world, i believe everything happen the way nature have planned it to be.

i am a guy of 27 years old and i have been having some challenges for over ten years now, this type of challenges is what some people term as spiritual problem but i call it nature.

Whenever is sleep at night, there is this strange being in the image of a woman, this being come inform of dark shadow at night and each time it come, it cover my whole being from head to toe and prevent men from making any sound or even moving my body as i will become paralyzed

This has continued like this for over ten years with no solution but every night of torment and restlessness.

There are only two things that can easily save me during this night of torment, one of those things is by shouting the blood of Jesus and the other one is when someone mistakenly touches me.

During these period that i shout the name of Jesus, it doesn’t come out in the physical world but it is as if i am screaming to the whole world to come to my rescue then maybe at that time i will just wake up.

The second one is when someone mistakenly touches me and then out of the shock, the spirit will flee and i will wake up immediately.

This is exactly what i have been passing through for the past ten years, please what is the cause and meaning of this evil tormenting me every night?

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