I Always See Myself Flying In The Dream When I Sleep At Night, Please What Does This Mean?

Although this is a fictional story but it is something that happen to people everyday around the world and sometime people are looking for the perfect answers to this problem.

This actually happened to my own friend and she have confided in me, I am going to narrate it exactly the way she narrated it to me and I hope she get the right answer here.

Please follow up till the end and no abuses please because anyone can be face with this same challenge

My name is Angela and I am 29 years old, I am not the spiritual but I do my best to attend Sunday services and weekly services too, I don’t like to me told that I have spiritual problems but now i don’t understand anything anymore.

I have been experiencing this weird dream for a very long time now and it really bother me a lot, i have endured it for a very long time and I think it is time to speak out and let the world help me with this problem and that is why I have come to tell you this and I hope you will give me the right response and solution.

Every night when I go to bed, there are strange things that normally happen to me, first I see myself running at the speed of light and secondly after that, I will begin to fly like bird in the sky.

Most of the time, I will see people pursing me in my dream and when they are about to catch up with me, I will just develop wings and begin to fly and they chase me into the sky but sometimes I fly without wings as if the wind become my friend all of a sudden then after I wake up, I become very strong and is I just won a strong battle.“Picture used for illustrative purpose”.

This is what I have been experiencing for some years not and it keep on coming.

Please what is the meaning of this strange dream and how can I make it go away?

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