Everyone, Avoid Going Outside In The Midnight. This Is What I Saw When I Went Outside To Urinate

Everyone listen attentively, what i am about to share with you today is not a fiction but a true live even of what happened to me one faithful night, the main purpose of this is not to instill fear into anyone but to put you into the reality of ghost existence and the danger of going outside in the midnight hour so please read to the end.

I am a very religious person and i believed that when anyone dyes, they go to the beyond; this means i don’t believe in ghost tales but what happened to me few days back have clearly shown that ghost actually exist

My house is two rooms which is i-face-me-face-you type of house, i am fond of coming outside in the midnight to come and urinate because my house does not have toilet inside, as many of you that know how this face me i face you type of house is, the toilet and bathroom are located either inside the compound or outside the compound.

That night, i decided to to come outside to urinate so i picked my touch and and i opened my door carefully, i wasn’t scared because i am already used to this habits of coming outside during the late hours, i quickly flashed my touch and i went straight to the bathroom outside the compound to urinate.

There is this believe that when people living in a particular area dies, their spirit keep wondering around that region because they have some possessions there either their family stay around there or they have something that they really cherished so much so they will continue wondering around that place.

I went inside and i finished urinating, after that i decided to return inside my house, on my way in then i saw a strange being; i don’t have a wife neither do i have kids, then who could this be at this late hour?

When i flash my touch to the direction to see that person face clearly, it will vanish but when i reduce the brightness of the touch, then i will see the face again, this time i could feel some cold feeling running through my spine and if you look very closely, you will see goose pimple all over my body, i have never been this scared all my life, then just this moment an idea came to me.

I decided to shout and wake the neighbors but when i tried to do this, i couldn’t shout and i also realized that i couldn’t move, the person kept on coming closer to me, i even became more scared as the being shift nearer but this time i only prayed inside my heart and i hope for a miracle, it all look like a dream except that i am very much awake, i stood there waiting and shivering expecting the worst, just when it was about to get hold of my face,someone opened the door immediately and flashed me with his touch light, i opened my eyes and i came back to my normal self, i fainted immediately , it was hours later that i woke up.

I saw my neighbors all around me and i couldn’t speak for more than a week and i feel terrible head ache all around my head, it was after like three weak that i could talk, i narrated everything to them and they all concluded that it was a spirit but an evil spirit that i encountered that night.

since then, i have refused to come out in the midnight to urinate and i want to advice you too, if you cannot hold the urine till the next day then get a small rubber or bucket and put it inside your house, when you want to urinate in the midnight, you can use it and then throw it away during the day and then wash the rubber or bucket with detergent.

Thank you for reading, please share and drop your comments

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