Wonders Shall Never End, Family Took Pictures With A Standing Corpse Before Burying Him(Photos)

When you think you have seen it all then boom another crazy picture will show up online that will make you wonder. 

A family have successfully taken pictures with a standing corpse and uploaded it online. 

According to a reliable source, this man have died for a very long time which is dated to about four months back and have been in the mortuary all these while.

He is a recognised knight and a respected one at that, Now the time to bury him have finally come so the family have to show him some respect before sending him to the grave and to always remember him, they dressed the corpse in a standing position, the way they actually achieved that is still not known; after they have dressed him in his knight uniform, the family took turn and took pictures with this standing corpse one after the other, Some say it is a tradition of the people while some say is a last respect issued to the corpse before burial. 

these are the pictures taken by the family members and the corpse. 

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