kovrita – Store Your Cryptos And Invest In The Best Crypto Wallet And Make Money

Most time we are always searching for a way that we can make money online and it become really scarce because most of the make money online websites out there are majorly scam, they are just there to wipe away your hard earned money.

i am an investor and i love investing so much so i am always on the net looking for a legit site to store my money and make good income so i stumbled upon this site then i decided to test it first before sharing it with you guys here, this is how i have been doing it for a very long time, i take the risk and then if it is good, i will share it with your guys but if i found out that it is not legit, then i don’t even bother to post it here.

Today, i will tell you all you need to know about kovrita

kovrita is a trusted crypto wallet with lot of features, other crypto wallets will only allow you to store your coibs without any interest but kovrita will allow you to earn interest for storing your coins in their platform.

What are the benefits of kovrita?

Your will receive interest up to 1.44% and 3.6% on daily basis of your investment

You will earn 50% from referring other investors into the platform

when you perform some bounty task, you will also earn

The minimum deposit is 1$ and there is no maximum deposits

There are different ways you can deposit such as through ethereum, Bitcoin, litecoin and much more

the withdraw process is very easy as you can withdraw your money through cryptocurrencies or through payer, the withdrawal confirmation and success take roughly 30 minutes

To register, click on this link below to register and fund your account then start earning right away, don’t forget to share this with others

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