Man Who Was Seen With Girl Dancing In Viral Video Finally Speaks, Revealed What Happened That Day

The viral video which have been flowing via web-based networking media uncovered a little young girl moving and twerking for a young man in a gathering yet that isn’t the real issue, the young lady was later killed after the said party and parcel of individuals have been posing various inquiries about what really happened that day so the man found in that video have come out to mention to the world what really happened that day so continue reading.

His name is Kadi from Cameroon, a 400 Level in Bamenda college and the young girl is a Nigerian based Cameroonian who work in a club, as indicated by the young man, he was approached Sunday by his companions that there was a gathering so he chose to go to the gathering.

It was during the gathering that he discovered this young girl who he discovered extremely alluring and for entertainment only purpose, the young girl chose to fill his heart with joy decent by giving him a twerk move, that video was really made by his companions as his own telephone was off because of non attendance of light.

As per him, the gathering occurred on the second of august and the little young girl was grabbed and killed on the third of august, presently he didn’t realize that the young lady was dead and he transferred the video on the fourth of august, and later found that the young lady was dead.

He went to the chief of police in the wake of seeing the video of him and the young lady and he was additionally labeled the passing clasp of the young lady so the official of police disclosed to him that the young lady was captured and killed on the third of august following day after the gathering.

He was heart broken, as indicated by his announcement; He has never met the young lady and that was his first time seeing her in the gathering, he didn’t have any acquaintance with her name.

In any case, the real issue despite everything remains, what is the genuine reason for her passing and who executed her and for what reason?

you can watch the video below

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